Friday, March 10, 2017

Long Lake

On the wall outside Hoss's

Marathon trip last Sunday, involving going to Hoss's in Long Lake to shop, taking a few photos of the lake itself, and then driving to Bath and back. 

Midnight was also involved, as was a little bit of Moose Questing. We saw a lot of deer, but no moose.

It was still a wonderful trip. Such fun to shop for Peggy's third birthday at such an amazing store. Alan got her a fuzzy bunny puppet, very cuddly, and I found a children's book about a Snowy Owl.

Alan also bought me a Redwall book I hadn't read before. Beck and I stumbled on Brian Jacques books via his other series about a haunted ship, which alas, was never finished due to his death.

It took me a while to get into Redwall, but now I love them, particularly the GUOSIM

Meanwhile the weather is nuts. Cold and windy, dark and gloomy and there are rumors of a potential blizzard for next week. Yay. March needs to get back on its meds.


joated said...

March and meds are seldom on the same page. March is a time of change and tulmult. We slip haphazardly from winter into spring tripping over the carnage left behind as the gods of the south battle those from the north. We can only hope those malevolent gods of the north retreat quickly before they can wreck too much havoc.

Cathy said...

It's crazy. Just crazy. But at least the days are getting longer. There's no stopping that :)

joated said...

Not until June 21st anyway, Cathy. ;-)

threecollie said...

Joated, sure ain't fun. I always look forward to March because it seems in my mind like winter will be over....and then it isn't. Saw my first Killdeer today and I feel real sorry for him!

Cathy, we have all been gloomy Gusses this week, what with one thing and another, but mostly the weather. Sure would like some nice weather, although we have had such an easy winter I really have no right to complain.

Joated, naughty, naughty, we do not need to think quite that far ahead. lol