Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lost Valley Birds and Perils

We were birding  exploring this morning when we found this guy on the side of the road, just mindin' his own.

He gave us a good looking over.

And then warned us to get the heck off his road, as best he could within the limitations of his species and size.

 Suitably chastened we hurried away.

Off to brave the terrors of Lost Valley Road. This road circles a small community, which was pretty much devastated during the floods of recent times. You can still see many signs of the damage. I had only been down there once or twice many years ago. The road loops around some buildings right next to the mighty Schoharie. I didn't take photos of the unprotected drop right off the edge. The photos I did take are of the good part.

I was afraid to look away from the road down at the bottom for more than a second even though I wasn't the one driving. However, it is listed as a county hotspot on eBird and from the birds we saw it deserves the designation. However, I think I will stick to Schoharie Crossing.....


Terry and Linda said...

Turkeys can be VERY mean!

threecollie said...

Linda, they can! We have been lucky with the tame ones here...they seem very calm.