Thursday, March 02, 2017

Things that go Bump in the Night

Woke up to crashing and banging outside and my bed swaying. A lot. This old house is broadside to the wind and sometimes that happens a little. This time, however, Yowsa! Frankly my dear, I was scared! I got myself downstairs in a hurry.

On the way I saw that the kayaks had taken wing and flown across the driveway. The boss and I went out and got them and moved Peggy's slide, which was also heading for the high country. Or really he did all that stuff and I hovered around him, wringing my hands like the little red hen.

The sky is falling.

Or it sure seems like it.


joated said...

Yowsa is right!

We had high gusts here last night after 9 PM. And March had come in like such a sweet little lamb! All day it was sunny and in the high 50s low 60s. Then the winds kicked up...a lot!

This morning the temp was 23 and there was a bit of sleet on the windshield and in the corners of the yard where drifting happens. And speaking of drifting...the grill and a chair were blown around the corner on the deck. I had a tough time rolling the grill the ten feet back to where it had been as one of the wheels had been locked.

When I took Chester down for his surgery this AM I noticed several trees down and one barn door hanging limply in a very unnatural fashion at the dairy down the hill.

THose memes about all the seasons happening in a week? They all happened here between Feb 28 and March 2.

At least one high school on the NY side of the border was closed today due to a power outage.

threecollie said...

Joated, Poor, poor Chester. I read about his cone of shame. So sad. Hope you get good news on him. We have had some amazing stuff happen here, including an old freezer door off.