Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Alas and Unfortunately

Stella was a horrible storm. Oh, she sent us some birds we might never have seen otherwise, such as the Fox Sparrow and the Rusty Blackbird. And we didn't get much damage except for the farm roads and driveways, which were utterly destroyed by runoff.

However, as the massive snowbanks slowly fade and bare ground appears, so do dead birds. Dead goldfinch, dead woodpecker, and who knows what else...all around the house.

I thought we had an early woodcock, but I am certainly not hearing one now. A lot of them met their end in NYC during the storm, although I have read that more are showing up.

Amazingly the broken-winged Snow Goose is still alive and reasonably able to get around. Kind of made my day when the boss spotted her the other night down at the lock.



Linda said...

I wonder if she could be caught and her wing splinted. We have wild life rehabers here that do things like that...I'll bet Becky could do it!

threecollie said...

Linda, we wondered as well, but she is in a terrible spot, pretty much inaccessible due to the speed of the river and the obstructions on the bank and distance from a road.