Wednesday, April 05, 2017

All the Colors of the Rain

Although it was gloomy and rainy yesterday there was much to see.

Swamps are still leafless, but twigs have begun to glow as they prepare for spring. The leftover cattails provide a charming contrast to the Addams Family atmosphere.

Even the stark and lichen-covered trees provided a fanciful foreground for the fog.

I took more photos of landscape than of birds....and you know me.....


Jan said...

What a lovely post.

lisa said...

Nice pictures, my favorite, bird person!

Linda said...

A lovely post! You even went for a walk in the rain. Surely now the snow will go and stay gone and the green will brighten up your walks!

threecollie said...

Jan, thank you! Although we missed the ducks and did encounter some nasty fog up in the hills it was a lovely ride. The colors of the swamps were actually much more vivid than they are when it is dry. And it was so spooky!

Lisa, thank you dear!

Linda, thanks, I did. We are walking quite often now. Went down along the Erie Canal towpath yesterday..such haunting history. Supposed to be 80 come Monday!