Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Did you make the Call Yet?

Cable TV at its finest

We saw this story when it came out, so it came as no surprise when our bill went up....significantly. It's happened before, back when we had Time Warner Cable.

Usually the bill would take a big jump because a promotion went off or somebody had a bad day or whatever. I would spent an unconscionable amount of time on the phone with someone and get the bill back down somewhere near where it used to be.

It was frustrating, but we could live with it. We usually got a decent deal; sometimes someone really helpful would even get the bill lowered a little.

This time when I called I at least quickly got to a live, pleasant, English-speaking person. However, the best deal offered cut about half the TV channels the boss likes to watch like NatGeo and the like and saved us FIVE WHOLE BUCKS. Yeah, five.

So we will eat the increase. On one hand I'm not surprised, but it is outrageous the way huge companies like this make deals with our government and then totally ignore them, to the detriment of customers and tax payers. 

By the way, the "promotion" that expired from the TWC days was in fact one of their standard pricing options.......I do believe that the new company "expired" it. Bah humbug!


Jan said...

Time to put the antenna back up

Linda said...

Our Dish tv bill is outrages also. $100 per month. I would reduce it, but we lose RFDTV and the History Channel, Game Show..you know the drill....all the ones we really like to watch. GRRRR

WendyFromNY said...

What a stinkin' racket!!!

threecollie said...

Jan, seriously, if it was just me, I would only pay for Internet. We all have cell phones and only the boss watches the TV. But he works hard so.....

Linda, RFD is just what we would lose as well, along with NatGeo and some other decent channels. Even I watch NatGeo now and then. Crumb bums.

Wendy, it is a racket indeed!