Thursday, April 27, 2017

Farm Girls

You may have seen yesterday's post about two generations of farm girls doing what farm girls do. I wish I had seen Peggy's reaction to that barn full of wonderful cows, not to mention baby goats, and human kids to play with as well. 

Here are a couple girls of another era...the taller girl is the Boss's mom, an amazing person I wish you could have known. The smaller blond is his auntie, 97 years old now and darned near as sharp as ever. They were farm girls too, on that little place up on Fiery Hill, before loss and hard times sent them other ways. 

Our Peggy is named after both of them...Peggy and Ann...she even has the same last initial as they did when they were young girls.

Of course the Boss's mom ended up here on this farm and named the place and showed it love. So many things are still hers...your mama's apple tree...your mama's garden....your mama's sitting porch....sometimes you leave a mark on a place and she sure did. I still have almost all of her houseplants and tend them faithfully and with love. We surely miss her.


Jan said...

I've moved so many times in my life. Farm people make me feel rootless.

threecollie said...

Jan, I hear you. Before I married the boss my family moved constantly. Until we moved up here in 2001 I had lived in so many homes....glad to finally be able to park and stay!