Thursday, April 06, 2017

Nature ain't Nuture

All winter I have been counting what is probably the same single Snow Goose, which has been traveling with a gaggle of Canada Geese. I first saw it flying over the house, then down at the Mohawk in Fultonville, and now for several weeks it has been hanging around at Yankee Hill Lock.

Yesterday it was off by itself and oddly humped and still. At first I thought there was another goose with it, but when it swam out into the river I realized that it has a broken wing.

I know that in lots of places there are so many Snow Geese that they are pests. Alan sees thousands whenever he passes Montezuma on the Thruway. They are listed as a species of least concern and this is just one bird in a gigantic population

Still I was sad....however, life in the wild is rough and it doesn't pay to form attachments with wildlife...

I got a lot of enjoyment out of seeing this goose all winter though.

Saw this flock once down near town

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