Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This Old House

Was an antique shop when my folks ran a different antique and book store in the same village back when we were kids. Sad to see it falling into such disrepair. 

At least it still stands, unlike the one we grew up in, which was burned by arsonists not too long ago.


Jan said...

How sad to see such a magnificent structure fall to ruins.

Denny Gross said...

I am fascinated with old homes. I will take a historic "old house" tour over any other kind of vacation. I'm amazed nobody has busted out those colored windows, or helped themselves for resale as architectural salvage.

threecollie said...

Jan, I know...and so many are suffering that fate around here. Farms and barns too. Upstate NY, except for Amish and Mennonites, is turning into a great big ghost town.

Denny, same here. The skill and workmanship and the planning that went into these old houses. If we could open all the windows in ours we would never suffer a minute from summer heat. They are all oriented to catch each passing breeze. Alas, we can't.