Monday, April 24, 2017

What a Wonderful.....

The Boss of Bowmaker Pond
He has a nest way out on a little cattail island in the pool
But if you step out of your car up in the parking area he will swim over, clamber out
and give a good dose of the evil eye.

Weekend. We had a day of nice weather for a change, after a misery of a cold Saturday...the guys went racing and about froze.

However Sunday was glorious enough to make up for it and as frosting on our cake our boy brought his young lady down and took us out to breakfast at my cousin's lovely establishment.

We visited the folks for a bit and then came home and enjoyed the day until he had to leave to get things going for back to work today.

We next went out on the hunt and found Bonaparte's Gulls at Schoharie Crossing, life birds for me and a welcome addition to my county list for this year. Once you get all the easy birds, finding the more unusual ones becomes a bit of a job...albeit it a very entertaining one.

My how the countryside has greened up with the rains, even though they weren't exactly the warm ones that really get things growing. The mild winter has allowed the forsythias to strut their stuff and wild yellow flags border bright emerald lawns everywhere you look.

We stopped at Sunnycrest for the first time this year and Becky bought me a flat of pansies, some stunning petunias and a nice pink geranium. Today is a busy Monday kind of day but as soon as I can those pansies are going into the flower boxes for the sitting porch....

Bonaparte's Gull

One more nice day....and then the rains return.


Linda said...

I love this fun chatty post. And seeing your family and the new girl in your son's life.

Jan said...

We all feel part of your family. Another baby would be nice.

ellie k said...

are the cows out yet?
It is so dry here peoples wells are drying up. My kids had to drill the well at the farm deeper this week. They are only allowed to pump so many gallons a day for the farm use, so things are starting to show it. My daughter said if they don't find something to stop this greening thing by 2020 most of the citrus in America will be gone. We will have only what is shipped in.

threecollie said...

Linda, it was good to see them all in one day!


Ellie, not yet, still some fence to build. I can't wait, but the constant rain is hindering us terribly. I don't like Ralph trying to walk out there when it is really slippery. Sorry to hear about your dry weather. I really hope they get the kinks worked out of the fruit that is being engineered to resist greening!

ellie k said...

Me ti. I passed by one of the groves today and over half of the orange trees in it have been pulled out and burned. It made me sick to see their hard work go up in fire. They are planting new trees hoping there is a break through soon but seven years is a long time to see a crop from the new trees. The tangerine crop is just drying up on the trees don't look like they will even be picked for juice. No amount of watering can replace a good rain fall.

threecollie said...

Ellie, so sad to read this. Wish we could send you some rain...seems as if all it does is rain here. The boss has to keep fixing the driveway, as it keeps washing out. Can't get out and garden or get that fence up either.