Monday, April 10, 2017

When Life Hands You... filters

...spring, you have no choice but to get out and get going. Thus time to do things like write blog posts dwindles in relation to the amount of sunshine and warm breezes that are occurring.

Sunset does Arthur Rackham

Yesterday I went outdoors with the dogs at dawn and barely came back into the house until dark. Even drank my morning coffee sitting on the snowmobile trailer.


In the sand pile

We saw good stuff in our travels. Boys with baseballs. Boys with footballs....skate boards too...boys walking and talking. All manner of kids playing outdoors, just doing stuff in the bright spring sun.

We met dads with little ones down at the river getting the poles out, ready to fish. Dozens and dozens of people walking, biking, grilling, wearing shorts and tee shirts. Some not wearing tee shirts atall...and some of them certainly should have been. 

I'll bet TV viewership was the lowest it has been since last summer except during power outages.

We drove around seeing the sights and raked the yard and enjoyed a heaping helping of outdoors. It was nice.

Plus we got to see our boy and his young lady for a little while on Saturday too! That was nice....


Jan said...

Loved your tour of the area.

Linda said...

I loved this post! It was so full of joy and warmth and gorgeous photos!

Cathy said...

Exactly what Jan and Linda said :)

And this is so true:

"I'll bet TV viewership was the lowest it has been since last summer except during power outages."

threecollie said...

Jan, thanks. After such a long winter it is so good be able to get outdoors without freezing.

Linda, thanks, I am loving having some nice weather for a change, although I guess it will soon pass.

Cathy, thank you too. I loved seeing so many kids outdoors...and grownups too...doing unstructured, playful things. It was such a happy day.