Thursday, May 04, 2017

Boom Shakalaka

Construction engineer, also expert in explosive noises

We were down along the Erie Canal at Yankee Hill Lock..... A pretty spot, but as the sun set, it was getting a little gloomy and lonesome. Creepy even.

As we stood next to the old canal, just below the locks, looking for birdies in the bushes locust trees along the other side.


A gigantic splash rang out just a few yards away....the canal is perhaps forty feed wide and it was right across from us. Water flew up in the air as a wide circle of ripples spread out from the spot.

Having been treated to a similar experience one dark and scary night at Silver Lake, far back in the mountains, on a perhaps ill-advised camping trip bitd, I knew just what it was and laughed....after a few seconds of startled panic.

The boss jumped about forty feet though. Good thing he jumped back from the canal...which is nearly flooded perhaps due to the efforts of the creator of the splash.

 "What was that!?!!!"

I told him and pointed to the culprit, swimming rapidly away. He must have been sitting on the bank watching us, but we hadn't seen him....until he called our attention in such a rude fashion.

At least he scared this Green Heron out of the woods for our enjoyment

We walked to the end of the park before heading back to the car and were treated to many more percussive events of a similar nature. By the end the boss was laughing as hard as I was at the great big beaver's antics. 


Linda said...

That would have scared me also. A splash like that!!

threecollie said...

Linda, we sure jumped!