Friday, May 19, 2017

I Hate to Complain

Should have known when we saw this thunder cloud gesturing at Heaven that we were in for trouble

Oh, who am I trying to kid? I am a whiner from way back.

However, there is something wrong when you can't go to a public park and not have the experiences we have experienced lately. Last week it was pervs in the park for Mother's Day. In broad daylight. On a picnic table.

Yeah, you can't unsee that. Haven't had much desire to go back there...

Then last night we went to our other park, minding our own and not bothering anybody.

The boss went to sit at a picnic table while I wandered around taking photos and looking for interesting birdies.

There were a couple of dogs along the bank, on leashes. I didn't pay any attention. There are always dogs. Some of them are real sweeties. One old lab comes by to visit us every time we are there and we give him a pet or two and then he is on his way.

This time there was a cute little yellow mix at one table and not too far away a barking pitbull. At first I didn't pay any attention. Just another dog.

I walked over to join the boss to look for Bank Swallows on the river.

Suddenly, for some reason that second dog took a heckin' hate to me. She lunged to the end of the much knotted and patched retractable leash to which she was attached, clopping her jaws, flinging spit, and snarling ferociously. Her owner was sitting on the ground with a tenuous hold on the handle and was pulled right over backwards on the ground..... just a couple fingers between me and those teeth.

The owner gathered her back up and I sat down kind of tentatively near the boss. The dog stared right at me and went on with the show. I said, "There is no bird worth this, let's get out of here, " and we rose to leave. I don't mind dogs at all but.....

This one again pulled her owner over backwards on the grass. Fingers on the leash handle....just fingers mind you, no thumb...were again all that separated me from those teeth.

We headed for the car. The lady, still being hauled around by the dog, hollered at us, "She doesn't bite."

Um, well, maybe not, but I wasn't waiting around to see. Words were exchanged, mostly between the "lady" and my protector...and we went away.

I was honestly afraid of that dog. Worked for a vet for 8 years, handling all manner of beasts...and that dog wanted me, I know it. I would wish away the harsh words that were exchanged. Better to have left them unsaid. The nice lady told us that the dog didn't like my ugly face. I guess you can't ask a man to let someone say that to his wife. 

I am still wondering what would have been the right thing to do in that situation....

I think I'll just chase birds here on the farm for a while.

The kids' dog, Ren


Jan said...

I think you did the right thing, no reason to get further involved with nut cases who give dogs a bad rep.

Cathy said...

"I am still wondering what would have been the right thing to do in that situation...."

Oh Marianne. Life can be so scary when you least expect it. Some damn door you didn't know was there - opens and there it is.

Then there's the PTS and the could'a would'a should'az.

You're right, though. That picture of that cloud!!!

Glad you're okay.

threecollie said...

Jan, we are having so many experiences like this that I think we are going to need to change our birding strategy. I am looking for places to bird that are not also public parks right next to the nastiest city in the county. We had another encounter yesterday with some people who were verbally threatening. Just a little, but I was glad they weren't braver. Time to get out of that town I guess.

Cathy, I had not realized just how spoiled I was living up here on all this land where we can be alone if we want to. And I didn't get it about old. Ralph has always been so rugged as to be downright intimidating and I have always been one of the ones who runs toward trouble rather than away...chased a lot of armed trespassers away over the years... However, now these predatory jerks perceive us as weak and I am afraid they are at least partly right. It is not happy making at all. I fear that too many productive people have moved out of NY and left behind something different than what the state used to be. And thanks. I couldn't wait to get out of the car before the wind reshaped that silly cloud.