Monday, May 01, 2017

May Day Almanac

Party person partaking of pretzels

I have work to do today, aplenty, but with the Farm Side only half-written and not one single other thing accomplished, I was lured outside for a walk. Yellow Warblers were singing as were White-crowned Sparrows...not to mention migration, migration, migration. I couldn't stay in but....

I felt guilty every step.

Yesterday the kids had a birthday party for Peggy. She really wanted an outdoor party and she was born in March so they postponed until April. It was pretty near March cold, but a nice party all the same.

Thus I didn't get much done and felt that I need to make up.

Still, migration.....

I was glad I went out. 

White-crowned Sparrow passing through on its way north

As I stood on the bridge between the farms a Rose-breasted Grosbeak flew right up to me and sat among the fresh, green, baby leaves, preening.

An Eastern Bluebird from yesterday...
what, you didn't think I would go to a party and not count birds did you?

Grandma Peggy's cherry tree that came up from its flowering crab root stock is coming into bloom. Three quarters of the tree is full of pale pink buds and the other fourth nearly magenta. A Song Sparrow and a Yellow Warbler were singing in it.

American Goldfinches, ditto

The grass is impossibly bright, bright green, that fairly glows against the stormy sky. It is kinda, sorta, cold and clammy, but the call of the outdoors is nearly irresistible. 

Garden marauder Woodchuck next to the driveway. Either my grey on grey clothing
made good camo or he thought I couldn't see him

Good thing there is a window over the sink and we can keep the back door open.

And yesterday I saw an Osprey from the bottom of the driveway. It is only the second one I have ever seen on the farm, although we see them often up at Montezuma. I was plumb delighted and hope he flies past again sometime soon.


Jan said...

Love the Peggy face. She is a natural actress.

Cathy said...

What a lucky, lucky little girl growing up amidst all the natural and people beauty :)

threecollie said...

Jan, she keeps us on our toes!

Cathy, she has reached the age where discussions with her are fun. She is bright and funny and interesting. Maybe I am prejudiced

Linda said...

Love that darling little girl! She is the heart of our visits with you.

Also, I so understand that NEED to be's a true need!

threecollie said...

Linda, she is a dear and so loved and loving. It's raining today, but I have already been out for a while, walking doggies.