Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Eastern Phoebe

Woke up to dense fog, peeping coming from the incubator, which has been rolling eggs and popping out chicks and ducklings and turkey poults for weeks, and work to do before play.

No one knows what that newly-escaped-from-the-egg birdie is, as some hen abandoned a nest and Liz brought the eggs inside to hatch. It's black and yellow though, and that is all I can tell you.

A Northern Water Snake the boss spotted on one of our walks

My mama called last night to tell me that she is giving me a ledger kind of thing from my grandfather's brother...I think. I am quite excited about this, as such things offer a window into the past that books can't equal. I vaguely remember Uncle Jakey, who maybe wasn't quite as respectable as grandpa, but quite a guy just the same. I have childish impressions of a house that smelled of kerosene, full of clutter, and interesting objects too obscure for my young mind to intemperate. And talk among men who seemed old, but probably weren't, my beloved grandpa one of them, that was as meaningless to me as the chatter of the birds outside. Time spent sitting in an unfamiliar kitchen on a stool, behaving, but bored, and slightly intimidated by it all. There was old Jake and young Jake I think, but I was too little to really remember much about all that.....

The things you see when you go for a hike


While I was proofreading the Farm Side and getting it sent the fog lifted and the sun is shining. After days of housework and bill paying and meeting writing deadlines, I think I will go out birding.

That is all....have a great day!

Update: there are too little black and yellow chickies. No wonder the peeping was so loud.


A. Montgomery said...

Dear Marianne:
There was old Jake, my Grandma Lachmayer's half brother, Uncle Jake, my father's next older brother, and Little Jake. Uncle Jake's son. Old Jake made the best dill pickles in a crock. I loved them. He also gave me kittens whenever I needed one. Love, Mom

Linda said...

What a fun memory! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Good morning,
I enjoy your photography, and your birding, an even though I live on the opposite coast in the PNW, your photo of the Eastern Phoebe helped me identify my resident Northern Phoebe.

I've lurked for years and decided it was time to say hello, and thanks.


threecollie said...

Mama, thanks. I will get the details the next time I see you. I never knew that you needed kittens....lol. Love you!

Linda, it is so tangled in my mind....

Wild River, why thank you for commenting! Hello! Reading comments always makes my day. Glad you were able to ID your bird. That can be very frustrating.Our son is going to be working out in Vancouver, Wa in a couple of weeks!

Cathy said...

Welcome Wild River :)
You've found one of the loveliest, most entertaining and thoughtful blogs on the internet.

threecollie said...

Cathy, such sweet, kind words. Thank you