Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wild Water

Blue-winged Teal 

We braved the Thruway yesterday, without our boy as chauffeur, to go to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The boss did great driving in all that nuttiness, although we took Route 20 home. That took a while, but turned out to be a good choice, as there was a terrible accident right where we might-coulda been if we hadn't.

One of three Snow Geese that we's a wonder that they didn't melt

It was kind of overwhelming, mostly because it was so hot and there aren't a whole lot of places to get food on 20.

We watched this Great Blue Heron try to choke down this big bullhead.
He was still working on it when we had to move on

His eyes were definitely bigger and all

However, it was a treat to see Ruddy Ducks quite close and a number of other ducks and wading birds.

Ruddies are like improbably bathtub toys bobbing on the pool

Recent rains have the place unbelievably full of water though. Many of the pools where we normally count Trumpeter Swans and Sandhill Cranes were completely flooded so no nests or colts or chicks there.

Common Gallinule

Two new birds showed up here at the farm today. I didn't even have to chase them. Two Willow Flycatchers were calling at dawn and the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are back and on the feeder....finally.....


A. Montgomery said...

Wow. That picture of the blue heron with the fish is super! You should enter it in a contest somewhere. It would win for sure! Love. Mom

Jan said...

I agree-- your photos are competition worthy.

Linda said...

I'm with your Mom and need to enter your work in bird magazines!

threecollie said...

Thanks, mama, alas, although I enjoy taking them, there are so many others who do it so much better. Love you!

Jan, thanks!

Linda, thank you.