Thursday, June 01, 2017

All Right Already

After a rainy start to the day yesterday, the sun actually came out, setting the situation up for a real hammer and tongs of a thunder and wind storm in the afternoon.

Since it was nice for a few hours, we put down landscape fabric in the small garden I have kept for myself this year, having let the kids have all the big ones. They get ahead of me camp week.....

Then the biggie hit. We were at the kitchen window as it happened and watched a doe scuttle for cover under some heavy bushes and trees along the ridge. She looked like a little kid, hurrying to get out of the rain, head ducked, ears tucked, high stepping it as fast as she could. (This morning she was in the same spot...might be a fawn there...)

We were expecting our best hay customers at the time, but of course they waited until the worst was over to come, and rightly....who wants to mess with hay in the middle of a thunder storm?

Then, the phone rang. The boss was over at the barn and Liz was calling to let us know that our customers couldn't get here because there was a tree down in the driveway!

It was a big box elder, but these ladies are so intrepid that before the boss had time to even get the skid steer started they had broken off enough squeeze their truck through under it! Farm girls!

I am sad for all the folks around the country who are too darned dry and I apologize for this area having all your rain. Wish we could share.

Later in the day we hit the parks, which were pleasantly empty, and saw this little mama Common Merganser with what looked like either 11 or 12 babies. Boy, could they ever move! 

Today was the big find though. We went to Yankee Hill because there have been Brants seen and photographed there. There were plenty of Canada Geese, but nothing unusual.

On the way home I suggested we stop just for a couple of minutes at Lock 12 because you can see a lot of river there. I didn't even bother to start a list, although it is rich with birds, because the river was bare.

Then, just after I tucked my binoculars and camera into the case, 60 or so small, black, fast geese flew right in front of the car, singing a much different song than the Canadas do.

We found the Brants. Or they found us. Wish I had the camera out, but I did get a good look at them..binoculars first, camera second. That was a big deal for me I'll tell you.

Made my day!


Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought was free fire wood, but we don't have it out here so I don't know how it burns. Then I remembered Alan's smashed chain saw a few years back..... Strange the things that stick in ones noggin.

Hope you all have a great day!


Ann Ward said...

Sounds like a crazy day! At least it ended with beautiful birds

Linda said...

I love thunder and lightening storms, but they do have a way of sending fright and shivers up the spine. I'm so glad no one was hurt. Big trees in the road can land on ..... people, cars. stuff.

Anyway...what is that lovely bloom in the last photo? It's wonderful!

threecollie said...

wr, we do burn them, although they dry out to be not more than a puff of smoke's worth of heat. Good kindling though, when dry. That chain saw debacle is surely going to live in the infamy of our family tales and stories! lol

Ann, crazy indeed, but a lot kinder and gentler to us than your month has been. Holy cow, you folks have had a bad time of it.

Linda, I have mixed feelings. I love to photograph storms and they are so exciting, but dang, can they ever make a mess! That is a Black Locust tree in bloom. They are like amazing chandeliers all up and down the valley this week!

Monica said...

Pretty shot of the Black Locust blossoms.

threecollie said...

Thanks, Monica! One benefit from the long cold spring is that we have enjoyed spectacular bloom from them for a prolonged period. On the other hand, although the river bank grapes are in bloom too you can barely smell them.

Monica said...

Maybe weather conditions decreased the grape vines' scent this year? But apparently not the Black Locusts. I was standing under one in Amsterdam yesterday and the scent was like heaven.

threecollie said...

Monica, I am sure you are right that it is the weather. It was much the same with the lilacs. When it was cold and wet here one would barely notice them, but on the few nice days they were heavenly as well.