Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thank You Berry Much

Yesterday an unexpected gift of four quarts of lovely, juicy, deep red strawberries came my way. (Thank you Amber's mama!)

Thus three batches of freezer jam were made and Alan baked some nice shortcake for strawberry shortcake to be made with the other quart.

I had been suffering from severe berry envy, what with seeing everybody's berry delights on Facebook and all, and with our favorite picking place out of commission thanks to the depredations of marauding deer.

With jam in the freezer and biscuits and topping for shortcake tonight on hand as well, I feel so much better! 

June is BERRY month!

And Dairy Month as well of course....I mean, where would shortcake be without whipped cream after all?


Linda said...

Man, those are really nice looking berries! Lucky you!

threecollie said...

Linda, I was SO happy to get them!!!