Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Uncommonly Rare

Chestnut-sided Warblers are common. It says so right in their description on All About Birds.

This does not however mean that I could find one....ever....except once when I was maybe in my twenties. That notation is in an old field guide that I can't even find any more.

Thus yesterday when we were over at Lyker's Pond looking and listening and I thought I heard one I was really excited. We must have scanned the shrubbery for an hour trying to set eyes on any one of three that were singing but just couldn't. However, I made a little video of the call to run by the experts. I was darned near positive that it wasn't just another American Redstart, of which we have several pairs right around the house and barns.

I was tickled pink to find that I was right. Isn't it funny how you might see birds that show up on the NY Rare Bird Alerts practically every day and can't find a common, and relatively easy to identify warbler like that? I am so grateful for Internet technology that made it possible for me to learn the song of a bird I had never heard in person....especially with my tin ear and all.

Anyhow it made my day, as did the kids' accounts of the birds they are seeing way down in North Carolina on the Outer Banks. Black Skimmers....seriously...wow.


Linda said...

YAY! For you!!! :) HUGE SMILES I'm sure!

threecollie said...

LInda, I was sure happy. Then this morning I heard one over by the barn!