Thursday, July 27, 2017

About that Hay

Our two big mows look much like the one in the video

A reader shared this nice video of how baled hay is made in the comments the other day. It is so well done that I want to make sure it is out here where everyone can see it. Well worth the three minutes it will take to watch it. 

Hand-hewn beams in the cow barn mow.

The Heifer Mow


chickenfarmer said...

These old barns are precious and need to be preserved. We've got one, and I study it every time I go in it. They are an amazing part of our history.

Cathy said...

What is it about great old barns and those hand-hewn beams? I find them as awe-inspiring as cathedrals with stained glass windows.
And those goats in that hay-making video! How adorable :)

threecollie said...

chickenfarmer, I am with you there. This barn has amazing stories to tell, what with graffiti from a hundred years ago or more up in the hay mow.

Cathy, I agree. I don't go up in the mow much any more, but I used to love to take photos of the light coming in over the beams and the sparkling of the dust motes slowly drifting.