Wednesday, July 26, 2017


We were driving along up on Fiery Hill when the boss exclaimed, "I don't believe it, that's a dead cow in the ditch!"

"What? Really......I didn't see it."

We turned around to check it out. When we got there though its tail was flapping.

It was a Jersey bull, chained to the guard rail with no food or water anywhere nearby. It was also quite some distance from any barn or building, just down the road from his late grandfather's old farm, but all by its loneself.

Liz noticed that he had injured his leg on the chain, which is probably why he was lying flat out when the boss saw him. Cows usually don't.

He thought about turning it in to somebody, but didn't really know if it is illegal to tie a bull to the guard rail and leave it. We still could I guess. I am sure he hasn't been moved in a while and probably isn't going to be.

This is a lot of bull any way you look at it.. .There was certainly nothing to stop the animal from hopping over the rail, which wasn't very high at all, so he could be a danger to passersby. He doesn't look too awfully comfortable either.


Rev. Paul said...

Wouldn't the owner be traceable by using the ear tag?

Terry and Linda said...

I think the sheriff needs to be called and the Brand about animal cruelty! As bad as what they do to dogs.

Jan said...

I would rat them out

threecollie said...

Rev Paul, ear tag is just something the farmer put in for his own record. Alas, this beast did not belong to an "English" farmer and the authorities tend to leave the kind of farmer that it is pretty much alone.

Linda, out here we don't have either brands or inspectors, although I would love to learn about how brand inspectors work and what they do for a column some day. We could call the police, but they tend to leave these people pretty much alone.

Jan, sure is tempting.

threecollie said...

Update. Ralph did report this to the State Police. Whether they follow up on it or not we will probably never know.