Sunday, July 23, 2017


But close enough for government work. I've been fighting the good fight over my little garden all summer. I gave the kids the big plots to plant and reserved a few square feet by the driveway for my own enjoyment and productivity.

There are several containers of herbs, chard, tomatoes, and such, and we've already finished off one crop of lettuce.

The main bit we covered with landscape fabric to try to control the weeds, which burgeon outrageously in the fertile soil. Beans, flowers and summer squash grow over there, and we're starting work on a new herb garden.

It is pretty and pleasant and nice to work in....

But full of bunnies eating the beans. They don't care about expensive repellents. Fabric softener sheets worked for about a week and then they came back. Several feet were leveled last night....

Tonight after our trip to the far, far west, I am going to try putting up a little bit of fencing I have. It isn't very tall but a couple of pieces of it deterred them from gobbling up the Swiss Chard earlier in the summer.

I hope it works. We love fresh beans.

However, this morning the ultimate garden outrage met me when I ventured out with my pups. The biggest, fattest, blackest, woodchuck I have ever seen trotted nonchalantly away as we walked across the drive. He was so fat that his butt jiggled like a great big jelly.

He was so bold he utterly ignored my little Jack Russell buddy, Mack! He wouldn't be so brave if it wasn't for the bull. I can't let Macky loose because he goes after the bull rather than the rodents he is supposed to chase. 

The darned thing looks just like a miniature bear! We think there is a real bear hanging around over by the old cow barn. Wouldn't it be perfect if he ate that darned marmot and then had a couple of bunnies for dessert?


Jan said...

It sounds like wild kingdom

Terry and Linda said...

Now THAT would be a good thing.

Are you coming our way? I would so love to see you!

threecollie said...

Jan, sometimes it feels that way. I love wildlife, but good grief!

Linda, just to Western NY, but it feels like a marathon to us. I would love to see you too!