Saturday, July 01, 2017

Rain for Sale

Schoharie Creek, which is really a river, after it was over.

Cheap! I know there are those of you needing rain, and indeed even praying for it.  I would sure like to share some of ours with you........all I ask is that you take care of shipping and handling.

It's getting ridiculous. It rains every day, or almost every day, and doesn't ever dry out in between. Yesterday it poured, washed out the driveway, ruined plans, and made a mess, and that was just here. North and west of us there were tornadoes, barns leveled, power lines down.


Just provide a shipping address and an appropriate container and all this water will be on its way to you........pronto.

Thanks. (Do turn up your sound for the video. The rain even drowned out the highway noise.)



Jan said...

ship it any place west

Terry and Linda said...

WHEW! That is RAIN!

threecollie said...

Jan, I sure wish we could!

Linda, it is nuts, and since I made that video we have had a lot more. Others have it even worse with lots of bad flooding up west.