Saturday, July 08, 2017

Water Light.

We are Cabin 2 on my favorite lake in the world.     There was thunder in the morning and rain and humid misery but now the air is sweet and cool, the wind is clean and soft, the light is pouring off the water...........and the birds are good.   However........                                                The very definition of folly....taking a Jack Russell Terrier camping.     He accidentally put himself in the lake thinking that it looked solid enough to him...alas it wasn't. Anyhow he is not a terribly happy boy alrhough I am sure he will get used to time.                                        


Jan said...

I can imagine his look of shock

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I'm surprised to learn that a Jack Russell doesn't like the water. I bet by the time your stay is over, he'll be loving it. We had an English Mastiff that liked to wade out and sit down, with just her head sticking out. We would ruffle her hair to get water down to her skin and drown all her fleas. This was in the days before this great spot-on flea killer.

Cathy said...

A dog helps you see the world in ways you might never experience. I miss ours and surely enjoy yours and their explorations :)