Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Almanac the August Blues

Indigo Bunting, blue boy of summer

Summer is winding down, even though the outdoors is still beautiful, wonderful, downright delicious......and there are blueberries. It is impossible to miss the shortening days and the south-trending sunrises and sunsets though. However, the weather is phenomenal right now. It just doesn't get any better than this....

"Sunken Horse"...or, Amish on the bike path

This morning at five a bat was fluttering around my head while I walked dogs and counted the dawn chorus. (Four Northern Cardinals, Six American Robins, two Carolina Wrens and a Song Sparrow.) It got friendly enough that I went back indoors. I had writing chores anyhow and, although I am not afraid of bats, it didn't need to get THAT close. I could hear it flappy, flappy, flapping, wings all slapping, and twittery-chirping like mad.

Yeah.....too close.

After being among the missing for weeks, the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks have appeared in the apple tree again. There are so many Indigo Buntings singing it takes some careful listening to count them. Saw the first House Wren of the year for the farm yesterday when I walked up back to check on the boss who was baling. We have seen them other places, but not here for some reason.

Meanwhile, haying season has been accompanied by the usual plague of breakdowns. The bale thrower has been causing problems, a universal on the mower met its match, and last night, as the boss was unloading the next-to-last load of hay of the day, the elevator clogged. It was too dark to see to fix it so that is a job for this morning.

This pale touch-me-not is nearly twice as tall as I am!


Cathy said...

"Summer is winding down . . ."

shhhhhhh . . . . :(

I haven't heard an indigo bunting yet this summer.

You Lucky Ducky :)

Rev. Paul said...

I don't want to hear about summer ending, before we've even had much of one: less than 7 days of temps above 70° this year, so far ... but your pics are wonderful, and let me know that it's warm somewhere. :)

threecollie said...

Cathy, it is hard for me too look at the signs when it is still nice out, but they are right there staring me in the face.....wish you could stop by. There are often four males singing at once....

Rev. Paul, sorry about there. All we have seen is rain and rain and rain, but for the moment we are getting a little bit of sun...at last!

Terry and Linda said...

I feel it too. The Robins have left...I always miss them. One day they are here, then gone. Just gone.

Others are leaving also...the Upper End is silent without the Red-Winged Blackbirds...as for the sun...that glorious living orb...I have noticed that it also has moved a significant amount toward that spot it will reside come winter.


threecollie said...

Linda, it is wild how fast things change if you pay attention. Last night I saw a good 20 Bobolinks, every single one already molted into winter plumage. Our Red-winged Blackbirds have gone off to congregate in the corn fields around the area. Rarely see them at home now.