Saturday, August 12, 2017


Alan and Amber were here for a couple days this week, helping with the hay between rain showers.

Yesterday was hung about with soggy clouds, so we piled into Amber's dad's big truck and went garage sale-ing.

It's not like we needed anything, but it's fun to see what we can find. Of course books were purchased because....books.....yeah.....

I found a couple of nice, sturdy, kid-sized, metal and plastic folding chairs for Peggy. When our kids were small we had a half a dozen or so injection molded el cheapo plastic chairs, some at home, and some at each set of grandparents' homes, so they had something to sit on.

Guess they don't make those anymore.

Thus for fifty cents each I was delighted by these.

Next found were "Made in Japan"-stamped Bonzo the Dog, salt and pepper shakers and this bobble head doggy. The ceramics were not by any means rare, but worth a bit more than the buck I paid for them. Bonzo was a cartoon pup from the 20s btw.

The kids found a good little bookcase at a nice neighbor's sale and then took home some hay for the critters at the fair up at their end of the state. We already miss them, but it sure was a nice visit. We sure had fun!

Sad little bobble head dog is carved from some kind of very light wood
 His mechanism is just a bit of wire.
Another buck invested in a silly dust catcher but I like him.


Jan said...

I couldn't have resisted those eyes

Ava Potterfield said...

Nice finds

Cathy said...

"...Another buck invested in a silly dust catcher but I like him." I'm so glad you didn't resist. So sweet :)

threecollie said...

Jan, had he been made of plastic he would have stayed right there but....

Ava, I was tickled silly. lol

Cathy, he is a funny little guy