Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Doesn't look much like a 'baby" does he?

Busy day yesterday, with hay for the boss to bale, broken elevator to fix, hay to unload, and the usual gamut of stuff to do.

However, I found time to investigate the gull-like, three-note screaming coming from the bottom of the driveway for hours on end. It sounded just like a Red-tailed Hawk, but was stationary. Usually when you hear a hawk cry, the sound moves around as the bird is circling overhead. (Of course I found time; it's what I do. lol)

I walked up to the edge of the old horse pasture but couldn't see it. As I said, we were busy so it was a while before I could try going down the driveway itself to look for the screamer....eventually I did however. There it was, in the neighbors' blue spruce was indeed a Red-tailed Hawk, but it was just sitting there.

And sitting there.

And sitting there. I wondered if it was stuck somehow, but then it flew.


Later the puzzle was solved. The photos showed pale eyes...a mark of a juvenile bird.

Two adults circling overhead offered another clue...this was evidently a youngster who wanted his mommy and daddy. I was pretty tickled to find him and to know that our local Red Tailed pair had nested successfully nearby this year. 

I do some birding from the sitting porch most days in summer


A. Montgomery said...

I love your garden on the sitting porch. Love you too. Mom

threecollie said...

Mom, thanks, I love sitting out there. And I love you and dad! take care!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Wonderful story about the screaming young bird. I was once privileged to see a young osprey perched high in a tree, probably its first flight from the nest and too frightened to take off again. Mom and Dad kept circling around, dangling a fish in each talon, as if to say, Come on, Sonny. If you don't fly, you don't eat!

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, wow! That must have been a thrill. The boss has been relaying good stories about the Red-tails teaching the young one to hunt up in the hay field. Wish I was there to see them!