Friday, September 22, 2017

I can Barely See.....

Near us in the parking garage

Oh, but it was worth every minute of it. Becky took us to see the High Kings last night at the Egg, and it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. We have tried, literally for years, to get tickets to see them, but they always played where we couldn't go, or while we were at camp, or they were sold out. 

This was our anniversary present from her.

It was great!

Imagine if you will a theater stuffed with people, all ages and levels of fancy dress, singing along with Goodnight Irene. Hooting, clapping, foot stomping, singing along with lots of other songs too....

An a Capella song that brought cold chills with every note. I need to figure out the title of that and see if it's on one of their albums.

The rowdy Irish music had the whole crowd clapping for hours. I mentioned to Becky that I felt like I was in one of the pubs in Nora Roberts books....The only hard part was listening to that kind of music sitting still....

Some of my favorite songs were played, Whiskey in the Jar, Leaving of Liverpool, Marie's Wedding, which was the first song of theirs I ever heard..... New songs. Songs they wrote, tribute songs, including Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain. A couple of good, lively sets.

These are wildly talented young men and they worked the crowd like the pros they are. My arms are tired from clapping along with the songs and knees are kinda weak from all that foot tapping. I have a number of their songs on the main playlist on my phone and listen to them while I work all the time. However, hearing and seeing them live was an incredible experience...they are one of those rare groups that are even better live.

I could go on and on, but I am sure you would rather I don't.

So thanks, Beck for taking us and Ralph for driving. (He is not a music man, but he had a great time too.)

We got monumentally lost getting out of Albany, thanks to the b**ch-in-the-box, who has no idea where she is going, and they did not play Boolavogue, which is my favorite song if I had to pick just one, but what a night. Go see them if you get a chance


Breezey375 said...

You're very welcome... We'll go again sometime... Keep an eye for concerts love!

ellie k said...

Sounds like a great night bringing lots of good memories.

I saw this in the Tampa Bay Times paper this morning. You can probably pull up the whole article.Many nest were destroyed of a bird that I have never heard of. It is called a Everglades Snail Bird, all 44 nexts were washed away in storm Irma. There are only about 144 nests statewide. Nests with eggs and baby birds perished. Last year more then 800 nests were built and this year about 144. These birds build a lot of nests around Lake Okeechobee and these were the ones lost. I don.t know how to send the article from the paper but thought you might be interested in the bird.

Terry and Linda said...

OH! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! What a cool gift!

Cathy said...


(You crack me up:
thanks to the b**ch-in-the-box, who has no idea where she is going)


threecollie said...

Beck, thanks again, what a night!

Ellie, thanks. I had actually read that in an alert from one of the bird organizations I follow. What a tragedy for the kites! I hope and your family are doing all right....we were worried about you. Thanks again

Linda, thanks!

Cathy, thanks it was in June, but there was a long time between the purchase of the tickets and the actual concert. I pick up my somewhat rude, but ever so appropriate sayings like that on road trips with Alan. He has a lot of them and I love them because...they just fit so well. Because that little creep in the phone is just that! lol