Monday, September 11, 2017

Venison Stew

We are between beeves right now. Just a couple of packages left from the last one. Next one still out on the hill eating grass. 

However, everyone is working outside today and will want a hearty

Venison stew. This is how I do it....

Toss some cubed venison into melted butter, in the right sized pot for the mob. Five-quart today. Or into oil. Or your choice of fat du jour. Venison is lean; it needs the enhancement of some fat or oil.

Next mince some garlic and toss it in there too. Or garlic powder if you don't have fresh. Onion if you want it.

Summer time-pick some thyme, oregano, orange mint, top onions, etc. ...whatever is out in the garden. Chop and add.

Winter time-Italian seasoning works fine. I also have a big jar of basil, thyme, oregano and orange mint that I grew and dried a couple of years ago. That goes good too.

Saute slowly until the meat is good and brown. This is an all day dish.

Add a couple tablespoons of vinegar and cook a bit longer. Vinegar tenderizes and smooths out the potentially gamy flavor of wild meat. I am lucky enough to cook after a  talented butcher, so gaminess is rarely an issue but.....

Add water enough to cook some carrots and potatoes, cubed the way you like them. Toss in a couple of beef bouillon cubes if you need a little saltiness. Add a little of whatever is in the garden or freezer if you wish. This batch will get some mature green beans, as the garden is full of them. Even a couple of diced tomatoes can be good. 

Simmer slowly for a couple of ages, hours or so until everything is tender. If you are a dairy farm mom like I used to be, you can cover the pot and do this in the oven on moderate heat...say 325 or 350. I even made soup in the oven back when the house was where we came when the work was done. 

There are a lot of ways to thicken this. I generally add a large can of cream of mushroom soup. Not exactly gourmet, but, hey, we like it. Then if when nearly ready to serve it is still not thick enough I add some instant mashed potatoes. Or flour and water. Or Bisquick and water. Adaptable. Yep.

Beef is done in pretty much the same way....when we have beef. With it already feeling so much like fall, I expect this will make a pretty popular supper for 7 tonight. Or maybe 6 if Peggy wants chicken tenders instead. 

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Terry and Linda said...

That looks yummy!