Monday, October 23, 2017

May I Help Who's Next?

I spent this past Saturday, helping (to the best of my meager ability), these two hard-working young folks, at Amber's family's Homemade Frozen Custard Shop at the Windmill in Penn Yan. 

You should have seen them go! It made me tired just watching them, as they waited on customers, twirled cones, and built sundaes. Meanwhile, I fried what needed frying after kinda/sorta learning to run the fryer.

It was an interesting day and I had a lot of fun. The Windmill is an incredibly cool place with so many tempting products and lots and lots of produce for sale. You could do your Christmas shopping all in one stop, while filling the pantry and freezer with goodies, and having more tasty things to eat than you could imagine.....just ask me about the Spud Boat.

We did a whirlwind tour in the morning before the crowds arrived and I can't wait to go back, although that will probably have to wait until next summer.

However, if you are out that way next Saturday, the location's last open day for the year, do stop in and look around. The kiddies will be dressed up for Halloween and I can personally recommend the ice cream. Admission is free, parking ditto, and with around 200 vendors there is so much to see you won't know which way to turn.

Do not miss this booth,
best homemade ice cream and chicken and all sorts of other stuff in town.
(Hey Bath peeps do you see what I did here with the pumpkin, as I didn't have photo permission for the guy at the window? LOL)


Jan said...

You find so many exciting places to go, near and far. Thanks for bringing them to us.

Terry and Linda said...

What a fun place to visit and to Work in!!!

Cathy said...

Very nice and I love what you did with that pumpkin :) Very impressive.

threecollie said...

Jan, this was unexpected but a lot of fun.

Linda yes! Wish I had taken a picture of the fryer!

Cathy, thanks, I enjoy messing around with photos and with Paint.

joated said...

Only been to the Windmill twice, but you're right it is a fantastic place.

threecollie said...

Joated, hopefully we will be able to visit this coming weekend. I really enjoyed it.