Sunday, November 05, 2017

Fool Hound

My boys sleep indoors at night and come in when the weather is bad. This time of year they like to be outside when they can.

This translates to the cable for Mack and a nice dog kennel we built for the late, great, Mike, for Finn.

In summer the houses...of course there are houses...are filled with shavings. Mack is afraid of his house, but we are working on that. Finn usually hauls his shavings out to jump in them after a couple of days.

Oh, well.

This morning, hoping to offer Finn a bit more comfort, I filled his house with fluffed up hay. 

Should be cozy right?

I even swirled it around a little to make a sort of nest.

And then I brought him out.

I barely got the leash off before he bolted over to investigate.

Ooh, new toys!

When I left he was pulling out all the hay, stem-by-stem, fluff-by-fluff, and shaking each mouthful thoroughly to kill it good and then tossing it aside for more.

Back to the drawing board I guess.


Jan said...

just refining his predator skills.

Cathy said...


Terry and Linda said...


threecollie said...

Jan, if he ever needs to kill a bale of hay he is all set. lol

Cathy, :)

Linda, Oh, yes!