Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Ag Canary

In the news coverage coal mine.....

I often see agriculture as something of a canary in a coal mine when assessing the trustworthiness of a news outlet. With less than two percent of the population engaged in farming, it is to be expected that not too many farm kids make it to the news network big time.

So the question is, how well do regular reporters do their homework?

Generally not particularly well. Mainstream stories on ag tend to skim the surface very lightly...and I do mean VERY...or else to sensationalize the most ordinary and time tested of practices, or to just not get it at all. They embrace the cuddly, touchy-feely aspect, or bash those awful farmers. 

There are the big stories like "pink slime" and "mad cow" and there are little ones all the time, slanting and manipulating the views of the non-ag populace, probably more often than not unintentionally. Sometimes just a little homework, just a couple of questions for someone with boots in the barn, would clarify an issue, or bring out the actual facts.

However, sometimes those steps aren't taken.

I figure that the same folks probably treat the other news the same way. Who you gonna call?


Terry and Linda said...

WELL SAID! I so agree!

threecollie said...

Thanks, Linda!