Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Rock

Just as it came out of the camera

Walking the fields and roads most days....things I pass become landmarks of a sort. 

The round metal washer about half way up the hill that probably fell from some bit of machinery or other. Certain rocks, like the pretty bit of Feldspar almost buried near the old chopper, the potato rock complete with eye, which I finally relented and dragged down here, and any number of other things.

Changes get noticed too. Thus when a big old rock along the road behind the barn split when the boss was bringing the machinery down for the winter it caught my eye.

To me it looked like a dinosaur or a dragon or some other mythical monster, so I took a quick photo in passing.

After a little cosmetic work

This weekend I played with it in Paint, and what do you IS a dinosaur.

Or maybe DinoDog


Cathy said...

This is just so wonderful. Fantasy made real. He's look'n at us !

A. Montgomery said...

I know it is a dragon. Love, Mom

Jan said...

Such a friendly little guy

Terry and Linda said...

I LOVE IT ----LOVE! IT!!!!

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks! I went up today thinking to get another photo, but I was a little afraid to go over the hill with hunting season open.

Mom, it is YOUR dragon! Love you!

Jan, he does look friendly!

Linda, thanks!