Friday, December 15, 2017

Fishermen's Crop Circles

We went down along the Mighty Mohawk yesterday to find that she is trying on some winter wares. Everywhere ice was forming in this frigid weather, water-logged, greasy-looking, greenish lumps in some places, half submerged and moving sluggishly down the current.

Other places, crisp blue-and-white sheets raced eastward, hurrying to form up with their buddies and start the freeze-up party.

And at Lock 12, as we crossed that hairy-scary bridge we spotted this huge ice circle revolving slowly in the water rushing under the dams.


Jan said...

Any strange spaceships around!??

A. Montgomery said...

They showed the ice circles on the weather channel once. Sometimes we watch that in desperation. Love Mom

The Furry Gnome said...


Terry and Linda said...

Like your mom, we watch the weather channel...often in desperation. BUT you can learn lots of interesting stuff about weather on it and they did have the ice circles!

threecollie said... that you mention

Mom, you should have heard me when we were crossing the bridge and I spotted it. Ralph must have thought there was a good bird or something! lol

Furry, I sure was excited. Terribly cold though. We didn't spend much time enjoying it.

Linda, I am not sure we even get it any more, but I had seen photos and videos of them online a time or two.

Monica said...

I've been watching the river, too. I've never seen an ice circle until now!

threecollie said...

Monica, we just happened to get lucky. I have never seen anything like it and it hasn't been back when we have gone that way since.