Saturday, December 09, 2017

In the Spirit

Hunting season is still on.....

To go where no man has cut a Christmas tree before....or at least not this year

This would be a nice tree, don't you think?

Huh, guess she doesn't like it. Go figure

Some of us stayed at the bottom of the hill

Because of the tall grass and potential ticks

Others were bolder

Of the Season


Jan said...

What a fun family holiday outing--love the outfits!!

Terry and Linda said...

All right there on your farm! LUCKY LUCKY YOU!

A. Montgomery said...

Peggy is so beautiful. Love Mom

threecollie said...

Jan, it was a wonderful time! Alas, Jade wasn't home as he was working, but we had a lot of fun. We have no choice but to wear bright orange this time of year because deer season is on. Although our land is private and posted that only stops the law abiding folks, alas. Peggy doesn't have any orange yet, so she wore one of Alan's construction vests. Not my favorite color and I can't wait until the seasons are all over so I can go back to my regular drab wardrobe. lol

Linda, I am so delighted to see the little white pines sprouting up on this hillside. Besides providing us with a Christmas tree now and then they are wonderful habitat for different birds than we find in the hay fields, and so pretty!

Mom, we love her! Love you too!