Monday, January 22, 2018


Yesterday was interesting...

I am sure your remember that old curse, "May you live in interesting times...."

Yeah, that kind of interesting. First our boy and my brother were flying from Florida to Washington State for work. All the while I was thinking that they were probably almost to their destination, they were instead sitting in an airport in Dallas most of the day...who knows why.

As a mother it is my job to worry and I am dedicated to motherhood. Thus I wasn't really restful all day long...and most of the night before, truth be told.

Then the rest of the crew took Miss Peggy to the state museum. A good time was had by all. However, on the way home their truck coughed up some kind of bearing that bears on the serpentine belt...or so I understand...right by Albany Airport.

They spent a good many hours alongside the road, calling folks to ferry parts and jury rigging a solution to the problem of getting home. Thus, although the guys were safe on the ground in Washington, I was still in full worried mother mode until quite late in the evening.

Props to the nice police officers who checked to make sure the kids were okay and that Peggy was warm enough in the truck and all. They offered kindly to let her and the girls sit in their car to get warm, or to arrange transportation to a warm place if needed. They even checked back later with two cars in case help was needed, and lighted up the scene for a bit so the guys could see.

However, the kids and Peg were chilly but okay, and she loved watching the planes land and take off. 

Kudos also to the guy who got the parts and took them to Jade and helped him install them. We would have gone down ourselves if we had to but heavy traffic and night time driving made us hope we wouldn't have to. We were grateful that Jade managed to get things going without us.

All's well that ends well, but I gotta tell you, it sure was an interesting day.


Jan said...

Glad it all worked out. I do understand the worrying

A. Montgomery said...

Oh my Dear Daughter. My heart goes out to you. Glad all turned out well. Love, Mom

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Glad to hear that eventually everyone safely got where they needed to be. As the saying goes: "Got time to spare? Go by air!"

joated said...

Glad things all worked out for both parties, and that Miss Peggy will remember both the good times at the museum AND watching the planes along the side of the road on the way home.

As you said, kudos to the police officers who came by and the folks who helped with parts and repairs.

Jacqueline Donnelly, never heard that saying before. Have to remember it and maybe get a bumper sticker for my pickup made. Also will have to pass it on to my professional pilot relatives. One is a private pilot in Miami area and the other starts training soon for a new job out of Anchorage! Talk about far flung relations!

threecollie said...

Jan, I sure was glad when everyone was either on the ground or home safely!

Mom, Love you too, and thanks!

Jacqueline, lol, that is an excellent saying and all too true.

Terry and Linda said...

I so understand worrying....I'm glad everything worked out!

Cathy said...

I love happy endings :)
So glad everyone is safe.
We moms never stop worrying.

threecollie said...

Linda, me too!

Cathy, I do as well. I am a terrible one to worry, alas