Sunday, March 18, 2018

Photo Bomb

We were down at Schoharie Crossing SHS boat launch looking for good ducks, when we spotted a crow carrying something large and tan.

I couldn't see what it was with the binoculars, so I turned the camera on it...more zoom.... when, WHAM! a Ring-billed Gull nailed him right in the back....just as I clicked the shutter.

Some roads were drifted nearly shut.
However, the towns around us were doing a pretty good job of keeping them open

Kinda blurry but fun. BTW we think it's bread.

The wind was buffeting me so hard that I couldn't get this skein of Snow Geese in the frame
There were a couple of hundred flying east and north and we were excited to see them
The past couple of years we have been lucky to find one at a time.

It has been a long week of dealing with unpleasant stuff that eats up all of everybody's time every single day.

Big and Little Nose Mountains in yesterday's fine sunset

However, we have stolen a couple of hours here and there to go birding and just get away and have been well-rewarded with the beginning of migration excitement.


Terry and Linda said...

Beautiful world you live it. Looks like the snow is starting to sorta, kinda, maybe leave!

threecollie said...

Linda, we took a run up into the hills west of us and across the river yesterday. Wait until you see the photos from there! A LOT of snow this month!

WendyFromNY said...

OMGosh! We see the "noses" from our property in Sharon! The opposite of your view! Our real estate agent pointed them out to us when we were looking at this property 19 years ago! We are up the hill from Sunnycrest.

threecollie said...

Wendy, how cool is that! We go to Sunnycrest all the time and have since before we were married. Every spring we buy a basket for my mom, and a flat of pansies for the yard. I even do a bird list or two from their parking lot every summer.

Monica said...

Now I'm going to be looking up for Snow Geese everywhere I go. That's great that you caught a shot, despite the wind!

threecollie said...

MOnica, I hope you see some! There are hundreds of thousands up in western NY, but we are only seeing a few this year.