Saturday, July 14, 2018

Between Two Worlds

I love our little world here on the farm. It's exciting to get up in the morning to see what each new day will bring, whether it be new birds, fun with Peggy, pretty blossoms on the bean plants, or stunning skies all day and night. There are many challenges to farm life and to two families sharing facilities, but there are rewards aplenty, one of which is never suffering from boredom. I hate to be bored.

However, once a year, for just one week, I also love my other world....a world of coffee and sunrise on the front porch, which extends out over the water...of waiting to see whether a beaver or an otter or a set of Common Loons will float past the cabin in the early hours before the rest of the lake is awake. Of counting different birds than at home, those loons, usually a Black-throated Blue Warbler that nests above the cabin, and only the Lord who puts them there knows what else.

It's a world of reading as much as I want to...and that's a lot....enjoying visits from beloved friends and family and having enough time and a good place to actually sit and talk in relative peace. old and feeble as I seem to be getting, as long as I can clamber back up on the dock...not an easy task I'm sad to say...I will swim every summer. 

Or at least I will if there are no ice chunks floating on the waves. We keep talking about finding an old pool ladder, but so far we haven't found one.

Later today we will pack the car with more junk stuff than you would ever imagine two women needing. Still we won't have a car, so if we forget it, we do without it....we try not to forget.

If phone service lives up to expectations I will try to share the fun with you. Otherwise, see you next Saturday. 

Have a great week.


Jan said...

It sounds truly delightful!!

Cathy said...

I truly can imagine your contentment :)
What wonderful, wonderful pictures.

Jonna said...

I will be thinking of you at that beautiful place. Happy camping!

Terry and Linda said...


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Looks like my idea of heaven! Have a wonderful relaxing week, and I love knowing you will share its wonders with us who love your blog.

threecollie said...

To everyone, thank you! We had a wonderful of the best weeks ever. It was hard to come home.