Monday, July 23, 2018


Night was breathing its last gasp. The air was a sweaty tangle of humidity with sluggish east wind tickling the grass. As I went out dawn began snuffling idly around the horizon.

There were bats. At least five fluttered right over the little garden beside the driveway. There were more down by the heifer barn. I was astonished. For at least five years we have seen one Big Brown Bat around the place and only one. It has come in the house several times too.

We used to have Little Browns before the White-nose hit. They bedeviled the boss mightily dive-bombing him when he went into the barn to start morning milking back in the day. There was a cave just across the river where thousands poured out nightly too...what a sight to see! They seem to be gone now as well.

But this, this was incredible. By the time I had the doggos walked I had seen several more, and discovered where their roost is too......but I'm not telling. There are others who are not quite as enamored as I....

Then I walked over to the cow barn in search of that darned Barred Owl and didn't see him. I did see what I think was a single Little Brown Bat fluttering off to roost though. How nice. 


joated said...

It would be great if this were a sign that there is a recovery underway. Perhaps some natural adaptation to the cursed fungus. Three cheers for the bats!

Jan said...

I've loved them since I read about their insect consumption in a single night.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm a bat lover also. We have very few here anymore. Sure is sad. I'm glad they are coming back around your area!

threecollie said...

Joated, I don't think the Big Browns got hit like the Little Browns. I miss the colony across the river. There were thousands upon thousands of them!

Jan, I have mixed emotions. Great rabies vectors, alas, but they are also incredibly cool. I do prefer that they stay out of the house. lol

Linda, there have been so few in recent years that I was shocked to see this gathering. Most I've seen in years.