Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Will the Circle.....

Part of the flock....part!

Be made of Snow Geese? Thank you all for your many kind thoughts and words on the loss of our longtime internet friend. We came so close to actually meeting up so many times. He wanted to come here, but that didn't work out, and we went to Boston a few times, but couldn't make the connection. We will miss him.

A blue morph bird among the more common white ones

Yesterday, as most mornings when she doesn't go in at 4 before the sun is up, I rode down to town when the boss took Becky to work.

A youngster

Was I ever glad that I did. In the river, right in front of McDonald's, was a tight, round, white flock of something. Thousands of somethings in fact. 

More of the flock

As we approached the flock spread out to stretch all the way to the river bridge. I estimated 1800 to 2000 Snow Geese.

What a sight! (If you drove by and spotted the boss and me between the guard rails and the river as the traffic slowed behind us to take in the spectacle...well, that's what we do.)

And then they flowed apart to form a necklace of white along the snow-rimed river.

They were gone when we drove by later....wish we had seen them fly.


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Wow! What an amazing sight! A few years ago we had a huge flock of Snow Geese visit our reservoir right in the Saratoga city limits, and it was an unforgettable sight..

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, we felt so privileged to see it. Every now and then a large number of snows visits the area. I do love those years!