Thursday, April 18, 2019

Appomattox Courthouse

Who loves having his picture taken?
Not this guy.
You can see why I always sneak up from behind

Where we encountered the ghost...Becky and I
heard footsteps right behind us as we walked down this remote roadway....counting birds and enjoying the beauty
We thought it was the boss who had gone farther than we did toward some monuments
he wanted to see.
We both heard the loud, crunching footsteps in the gravel, but ignored them for quite a distance...
Until we turned around to find
No One There. 

Does anyone know the story of this tree and gravestone?
Update, thanks Denny for the info...this is the grave of Lafayette Meeks


Jan said...

Spirits would have good reason to linger in that area.

I get cranky about sneaky cameras too.

Terry and Linda said...

I loved this visit! And I thought your visit with the ghost...rather cool!

Denny144 said...

It’s the grave of Lafayette Meeks, whose parents lived in Appamattox. Lafayette died of typhoid during the war.

threecollie said...

Jan, it was an amazing place, which I would highly recommend. And me too, as far as that goes.

Linda, it was pretty neat

Denny, oh, thank you so much! I tried to look it up after we got home, but couldn't find a single thing about it. Grateful to know.