Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Household Olympics

A not so subtle editorial comment

Many years ago a Farm Side column featured the farmer Olympics, with events like walking safely to the food bowl with a bucket of milk for the cats, while they surged around your feet like furry surf. Others involved baling twine and emergency repairs if I remember rightly....

The Olympics are different here now with much less time in the barn for most of us. Therefore some of the the amazing competitions take place indoors.

One of the more popular events is Junk Jenga Reversio. Instead of pulling out bits while keeping the pile from tumbling, participants add just one more thing to the contents of the trash container.

And one more thing.

And one more thing.

No one likes to actually take out the trash, so this event is wildly popular with athletes, although somewhat less beloved by coaches and officials. 

All too many mornings find the results of the previous day's heats teetering threateningly, food wrapper on top of vegetable can, chip bag nudging dog food box, with a shaky foundation of paper towels under it all.

Today was no exception.

I would stack my trash stackers up against anybody's.

They are really good.

Or bad, as the case may be.


Jan said...

Challenge accepted!

Terry and Linda said...

You are ON!

Denny144 said...


Cathy said...

Ha! I won't let 'em compete in my kitchen. Twice a day I jump up and down on the contents of a big trash bag hanging over the front of an open kitchen counter drawer. Balance is everything. Ya don't want to end up on the floor with tin can lids and discarded egg shells. There's no garbage disposal in our rental . . so things glom onto each other making for slippery footing. So far - so good :-D

threecollie said...

Jan, lol

Linda, good deal

Denny, lol

Cathy, I would like to see a photo of that. lol