Thursday, August 22, 2019

Luck of the Draw

A very tame Green Heron peeking at me between some blades of grass,
which certainly did not enhance the photos.

We think mebbe we saw an immature Saw-Whet Owl last night. We were out on a little drive and spotted it atop a telephone pole out near Flat Creek. 

I thought it was a Kestrel at first, but  it didn't look quite right.

As we approached it flew right in front of the car and I exclaimed, "What the heck IS that thing?"

The boss replied that it was an owl (old eagle eyes himself) and as it passed  I saw that it was kind of rusty below and dark brown above, just like the juvies on this page. It was a pretty good distance from any appropriate habitat though.

I didn't count it, but I hope we see it again if we go back that way. The only one I have ever seen before I discovered dead on the road when I was out riding Magnum many moons ago. 

It would be a nice bird to see. We are finding a number of really nice birds that are probably just what I think they are, but I like to be quite confident before I count an unusual bird, and by this time of year we have seen most of the easy ones.

Surprise find of the day up on the old Beechnut sign in Canajoharie.
We visit often trying in vain to see those two Black Vultures that hang out there
A Peregrine Falcon


Rev. Paul said...

Those were some surprising discoveries. Well done!

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, and now migration is heating up. So many exciting passersby.