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Tuesday, August 11, 2020



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Google has changed the Blogger posting interface and not for the better. thanks

Update, after the apple tree came down. We are, perhaps unadvisedly, letting the other half stay up until the birds are done with it...there seem to be several nests up there. The boss cleaned up the fallen half for firewood and for apple wood chips for family members who grill and smoke....

Then the washer died so we bought a new one. Came in bent, we unadvisedly accepted it with a small discount for cosmetic damage.

But then it leaked and banged and the edge of the drum seems to get hot. 

So we are negotiating with the people from whom we purchased it for either a different one or our money back. They are willing to issue us a refund and pick it up, and although I dread shopping all over again and going without for even longer, that is probably the way we will have to go. I also hate to be forced to go elsewhere as they are good people with whom we have done business since before we were married and the boss's folks before that. I have a Gibson freezer out on the porch that was purchased before we were married and so far..knock wood...it is still reliable. Liz uses it for her stuff.

Meanwhile I squeaked two loads through the new washer before we decided that it was unsafe to use and I quit. At least we have clean towels now.

Update#2 Company sent technician down to inspect machine....verdict, must have tipped over on the truck....it's toast.

Also COVID has invaded a nursing home where we have a family member so we get letters every week that leave us feeling helpless and sad. This is the only really serious thing, and even this I think will be okay in time.

However, all this stuff eats time and attention. At the end of the day you have been busy as a dog with two tails and yet feel as if you have accomplished nothing. The phone rings constantly, texts and messages pour in, yet nothing concrete actually happens.

Nature, birds and farming taking a backseat to modern life. And the laundry piles up along with the worries.

Hope you are all well and as contented as you can manage. Someday the election will be behind us and they will have either figured out how to fight the virus or ....maybe not. 

Immature Common Yellowthroat

Maybe what we used to complain about but now seems so deliciously normal will return. 

Maybe not. Meanwhile even birding has been pretty dismal but at least we get to go outdoors. Take care.

Immature Tree Swallow...the babies are out and about this week


tryon1@frontiernet.net said...

Love those little bird pictures. Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Your photos are outstanding. I am with you...normal would be soooooooooo nice.

threecollie said...

Thanks, Mom, I love those little birds and I love you too!

Linda, thanks, I am so sick of this. Besides worrying about the disease, every single thing you do is harder, more complicated, more tedious, and although results may vary, they are usually lousy. Ugh.