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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Was it the Air or the Date on the Calendar


Yesterday was filled with lotsa drama, don't cha know. First was the starvation and coffee deprivation of an early morning blood test. The place where we go was fenced off and shrouded in construction tarps with no clear path of entry. The place where you pick up brochures to tell you about procedures was full of Advent messages. (Helpful in some instances, but not this one.)

We didn't find a way in until Ralph caught up with a couple of security guards and they directed him.

Then there was a tumultuous confrontation between the several large, imposing, security guards and a person, obviously from the big fruity city down near Long Island, who thought she was above the rules. It was loud. There were F-bombs. Several police agencies were deployed and employed.

We were treated to the delightful phrase, "Flashlight rent-a-cop" which even the target of the epithet found funny later.

This all unfolded a few feet from where I quietly perched awaiting my turn.

Eventually the miscreant was escorted outside and calm was restored. I got stabbed and bandaided and scurried eagerly away from that awful place.

Savannah Sparrow

Then we went birding...sort of a reward for surviving the event described above.

There is this spot we used to visit regularly where we could see shorebirds noodling around in mud flats and find Rusty Blackbirds and all. Last year we were routed by a very angry person and have only birded from the road since. It is frustrating to see goodies from up there and not be able to photograph them but better than not seeing them at all.

We stopped there for a minute, grabbed the first Greater Yellowlegs of the year, and headed out. Two stops later we were approached by a couple in a great big truck. ...oh, no not again....To our amazement they very kindly said they were sorry about last year and invited us to park down in that little hole and bird whenever we want to. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Turns out they had good reason to be angry last year, just not at us.


With afternoon came the endless frustration of trying to pay people and entities to whom my parents owed money when they passed. Without passwords or pins this is ridiculously difficult. I am just trying to give these people money. Why do they make it so hard!!!!!....AT$T, I am talking about you.... Stop sending me from operator to operator and just take the money.

Come nightfall there was a strange truck parked well-hidden, in the barn driveway. Although there are surveyors who are allowed to visit, we are supposed to receive notice of same. Strange truck, strange time of day, no badges, no notice. Authorities were summoned. Turns out the guy was legit, but dang. You have the phone number and are lucky the gate wasn't

Not much later I was glad to go to bed and put paid to Tuesday the 13th of April. It was a weird one for sure.


Terry and Linda said...

All your photos are stunning but that last one is WOW!

What a day you had...I've had trouble with At&T myself they are so HARD to work with!

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, the sun was setting on Lyker's Pond, one of our favorite birding spots. Didn't really do it justice, but it was the best I could get. Still can't get ATT to take the money they are owed. Wish Mom had left me her logins.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Sorry to hear you endured these trials, but oh my, you sure took some lovely photos while you stewed!

threecollie said...

Thank you, Jacqueline. There is a lot of pretty out there this time of year!