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Wednesday, May 05, 2021


 I recently began to reread the book by Kenneth Roberts with the same name as this post. I have read the whole series several times over the years with each rereading bringing a new perspective on the stories.

However, this time, there was an even bigger difference! Late last year Scott and Jen and the girls took us to Maine for an incredible weekend. I loved every minute of it, whether we were touring around seeing the sights, eating seafood by the sea, or walking the hard sand at the edge of the waves (one of my very favorite activities in the entire world.) The birding wasn't too shabby either. Common Eiders, Black Guillemot, Great Egrets and more....

I didn't realize though, until I cracked the pages of the book...or in this case started scrolling on my NOOK...that I could envision everything that was happening in the story about a thousand times more clearly than before.

Because I'd been there. Those rock ledges? Yeah, watched the tide swirl the seaweed that clung to them as gulls cried overhead. Those marshes? Scott drove us through them every day.

Do you suppose one of these seals is called Eunice?

And having been up the Golden Road with Alan a few years before...in the Camaro (!) if you remember.... I could well imagine the march on Quebec as well.

So thanks for an enriching set of experiences that just keep on giving. What a wonderful state....

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