Monday, January 17, 2011

Quiet in the Valley

My favorite gold finch picture ever.

White-crowned sparrow, still here with friends

Why are the seeds below the perch?
Somebody needs to fill this feeder!

It is so still this morning. The smoke from the stove doesn't know which way to go. Few cars and trucks on the Thruway, you can hear them creaking in the cold, only a crow or two and one lonesome chickadee calling. I believe the river is finally frozen over, as I haven't heard or seen a goose in days. Bet they are down by the bridge now.

There were quite a few birds around the other day though....and while I was out sneaking around photographing them, the kids were photographing me through the window. Hopefully no one knows how to get that pic off the phone though.


lisa said...

I love that first picture too!! It sure is cold out there this morning!

dickiebo said...

Great pics - I'm afraid that I may well have to steal one!!! lol.

threecollie said...

Lisa, thanks, it is really chilly, isn't it?

Dickie, that is fine, thanks!

Cathy said...

Very sweet! Seems I'm always missing the head-on shots and end up with lots of cute bird-butt shots :0)

DayPhoto said...

Your bird photos are really good.


Floridacracker said...

I see why you like that first one, but they are all pretty fine!

Paul said...

Nice shots! My Mother-In-Law (serious bird lover, bad camera operator) would be jealous! I would send her a link to your site, but I just called her a bad camera operator. Maybe I will wait a month!

Keep up the great photos!

Woodswalker said...

Such beautiful little creatures! I'm amazed your goldfinches still have such vivid yellow feathers. The ones that visit my feeder are all in winter drab.

threecollie said...

Cathy, thanks, they are so quick aren't they?

Linda, thank you...mostly good luck and a good camera

FC, thanks, I want to set the top one as desktop background for a while, but Chrome won't let me...guess I will have to let Firefox do it

Paul, oh, the poor lady! I am sure she does just fine. lol, thanks for your kind words

WW, thanks, some of ours are pretty plain brown too. They sure are tame this winter!

Anonymous said...

"FC, thanks, I want to set the top one as desktop background for a while, but Chrome won't let me...guess I will have to let Firefox do it"
I use Chrome and it's worked OK for me. I 'saved' the pic, then opened the saved pic; right clicked, and presto - set as desktop!

DeanO said...

Beautiful pictures; and I love your profile. That is one of the best I've come across

threecollie said...

Dickie, thanks, with your advice I discovered that I can just set it from my documents I did

DeanO, thanks! And thanks for visiting....stop by again if you get a chance.