Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Better Days are Coming

Yeah, it is storming...again... For the most part for the past few weeks we have just caught the edges of the big storms that have pummeled the region. However it looks like this one is going to wallop us. Got up to hard, sleety stuff that nicely fits the old adage, "Snow like meal, snow a great deal." You can barely see that it is snowing, but you sure can hear it. I am sending Alan off to school early, as the Blue Bomber is having power issues and I imagine the roads are going to be a mess.

It is still pretty dark, but I hear cardinals chipping and chinking at the feeder, another indication that we have some real weather on the way. They are usually quite a bit later coming in....like about three hours. And the feeders are almost empty even though I filled them late yesterday afternoon.

We have to get out and get done what we can before it gets any worse. We feed from Ag bags, so the snow is an issue...The boss will be clearing driveways as it is tanker day too. Probably won't be much of a fun day for anybody.

So, let us think of spring.

In a few weeks the first crocuses will stick their pointy little purple and yellow noses out through the ice under the kitchen window. In a few weeks the first red-winged blackbirds will echo water whistle songs from the trees at the edge of the old horse pasture. Grackles will plunge stiletto beaks into the pile of lingering seed hulls under the feeder, rapacious raiders that they are. It is the only time all year that I am glad to see them. With them will come all the little not too far migrants, the birds you might see in winter or then again might not. Assorted sparrows mostly.

In a few weeks the bark on the willow trees will turn to greeny-gold and they will stand out like beacons in the woods across the river. Poplars will become pewter candlesticks and gleam gently in their groups. Maples will put on pink spring buds and show themselves among the inky evergreens as well.

The chickadees will change their songs to the spring version and the breathy whistles of the titmice will commence.

In between time, sometime, the maple syrup run will start. usually along about the time that you might see snow rollers and blue ice on the ledges by the sugar bush. Here's hoping for a good run this year, with lots of fine, sweet sap for boiling.

Am I ready for all that? You betcha. Alas those few weeks are usually very, very long ones. Winter trudges along on the slowest snow shoes in creation, flinging weather in every direction. I can't say that I like it much.

I have heard many times from many folks that if I don't like winter I shouldn't live in the Great Northeast. Unfortunately this is where I was born and raised and I lack the initiative or adventuresome spirit to move. (Although it is darned tempting sometimes.)

Thus until green time arrives I will whine and complain and post pictures from the archives of the good stuff...and visit all those great bloggers from the warm places in the world to revel in their beaches and waves and sunshine.

Stay warm!


joated said...

I'd like to refit Ma Nature with some speedy downhill skies and a 60% slope. Any thing to get 'er moving a bit faster right now.

Stay safe, warm and as dry as you can what with having to visit the barn and do the necessary chores.

Dani said...

Stay safe out there! I worry about you taking another bad spill.

lisa said...

We complain about the weather but hay, who doesn't! It is pretty nasty up here on the mountain. Don't look like it is going to let up either. I think we are going to get more than they predicted for today. But it is early yet. I sure am thinking of spring. The pond and so on. You take care!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Well, I would have to say you have bloomed where you were planted, and you roll with punches when you need to.

Stay warm all, at Northview.

Jan said...

When I lived in colder climes, I would spend these months planning and drawing up my summer garden. The reality was never as grand as the dream, but it passed the time.

Faithful said...

Aww..without the long drawn-out cold white of winter, you couldn't have been able to give us such a warm and cheerful peak at spring. Thanks..I enjoyed that!

DayPhoto said...

I think the large majority of us do not like winter. And the best way to get by is to point that out to others. At least that is what I do :)

I agree with everyone....you sure have bloomed where you were planted!


Anonymous said...

I said the same thing at the Postoffice today. The girl there said she loved to snowmobile so they were looking forward to this stuff! A fellow in line commented "Look at the bright side. It is February and we are on a downhill slide!" Today your Uncle Ed is 79. Love Mom

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for the dream of spring. Lovely. I could see it.

This sentence stole the show:
"Winter trudges along on the slowest snow shoes in creation, flinging weather in every direction."

BTW. Just received your brother's book, Driving Excellence. The introduction alone indicates that your entire family is afflicted with beautiful writing skills :-)

I was really impressed with the blurbs on the book jacket.

threecollie said...

Joated, yes! And thanks. We are doing the best we can to keep slogging along. You take care too.

Dani, thanks, I borrowed some old boots from Liz that have a lot better traction than my rubber ones, which has helped in the not falling department.

Lisa, My pond looks like an ice cream cone....lol

Nita, thank you so much!

Jan, I need to get my seed order done. That always helps too. However, I sure do get carried away buying weird stuff this time of year. lol

Faithful, thank you! I get by each day thinking about what is to come and how incredibly welcome it will be.

LInda, you are sure getting some miserable weather! And I find that it does make me feel better to whine about it. lol Thanks for your kind words!

Mom, February is one of my least favorite months, but it is at least short. A belated happy birthday to Uncle Ed. Love you! Stay warm

Cathy, thanks! Mark is actually my cousin, but I would let him be my brother too, if he wanted. We are so proud of him! My mom and dad bought all my brothers and I each a copy and it is up at their house. Alas, I won't be getting mine any time soon. With all this snow just getting the tanker in and the kids to school and work is a real problem.

Anand said...

Beautiful photography

CTG Ponies said...

I hope the storm wasn't too bad for you.

threecollie said...

Anand, thanks for your kind words and thanks for visiting. Sorry to take so long to answer you comment.

CTG, more inconvenient than disastrous. A lot worse quite close to hear.