Saturday, April 02, 2011

Breaking up is Hard to Do

Breaking down ain't much fun either. Mom posted a litany of stuff at their house that has recently passed on to its reward on Facebook yesterday. Pretty awful. By mid afternoon we were in the thick of it too. Computer monitor died. Alan moved the office one out here. Broke my reading glasses, which I need for computing, in the process (can't wear the dollar store jobs, mismatched eyes). Then the bathroom faucet threw its shaft out of joint. Thankfully the boss was still up and heard the little Niagara in there. No showers til he gets that fixed. Arggghhhhhh

The boss was buying stable cleaner parts up at Hands one day a year or so ago. He was grousing about it breaking down and costing a lot all the time. The Amishman in line behind him was holding a five-tined fork and said, "Oh, mine broke too, so I just got a new one," and brandished the fork.

Ayyup, you can clean out behind fifty cows with a fork. We didn't have a stable cleaner behind twenty-two of ours for decades. The boss and his dad cleaned them Amish style.You can do it....but it is a misery. Especially on Sunday morning and all.

You can compute without glasses too, if you are a communication and fun with Zuma junkie like I am. But you get a little cross eyed.

Only got one calf out of all the excitement yesterday, yet another behemoth bull. Our calf buyers love them, but we sure would like some heifers. ETrain was foolin' and still hasn't had her baby. We were thinking that Liz's cow, Foolish, who was born on April Fool's day, hence her name, might calve yesterday on her birthday, but she didn't either. Oh, well.


Dani said...

It's one of those days that you just wanna go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.

joated said...

You wrote this to make me feel better, didn't you? After all, misery loves company and I've had my share of misery lately. All of which I will have to deal with when things are just a wee bit warmer/less snowy.

Sounds like "life" has been happening to both of us.
"Life"= Things that really happen about you in lieu of things you expect/want to happen.

Jan said...

It's weird how things break at the same time. It's almost like they get together and plan it.

Linda said...

We were talking about the same thing here yesterday....maintenance, maintenance, maintenance...its the bane of life.

NumberWise said...

joated, that's a wonderful definition of Life!

threecollie said...

Dani, yeah, sometimes that is just exactly it. lol

joated, I read about all your stuff at the! Winter really messed with you something awful. It is nice here today and was yesterday too. Very welcome!

Jan, really bizarre! You wouldn't believe all the stuff my folks had break!

Linda, sure endless on a farm or ranch

NW, he got it right didn't he?

DayPhoto said...

It seems when it rains it pours...and keeps on pouring!