Friday, April 22, 2011

The Good

Northern mockingbird, following us around while we built fence.

Since July of last year I have been trying to track down an mp3 of the RW Hampton song, Donnie Catch a Horse for Me, without success. You could get it on a hard copy of an album CD, but if it was out there for single purchase I couldn't find it. RW put up a link to a file of the song on Facebook yesterday, so I gave it another listen.

Still liked it.

Shared the link.

Came in from chores last night to find that a particularly dear friend, who has been known before to surprise me in sweet and wonderful ways, had found the song and sent me an mp3 of it in an email. Bet you can guess what I will be listening to today.

I dunno about you, but I use music as a crutch to get me through the boring parts. I can even do dishes, my single most hated job, and not even notice that I am doing them, if I have my favorite play list running.

I named the list Little Niagara after a river in a story I read once and it is pretty eclectic in its make up. Chris Ledoux and Elton John. Todd Fritsch and Queen. Dire Straits, the Allman Brothers Band, the Eagles, Garth, Jason Aldean, the High Kings, Emerson Drive, Lonestar (I only like one of their songs, but I like that one a lot), Jimmy Buffett, Bach's Tocata and Fugue in D Minor and lots of other stuff that only fits together in my head (although now that we have a CD of parts of it in the barn, Beck has become a Doobie Brothers fan). Now it will have Donnie Catch a Horse too.



Anonymous said...

If I would have remembered that you wanted this song I would have tried to send you one of me singing and playing it. I used to have it on my must play list when I did a gig.
Another guy you should check out is Dave Stamey. Go to his website or do a search for him on Youtube. Both are very nice gentlemen and great performers. Both lived and still live the ranching/cowboy life.
Send me an email or get me yours and I will send you some songs if you'd like.

threecollie said...

JB, that is really kind of you. My email address is threecollieATgmailDOTcom and thanks again

Earl said...

Music is not a crutch, it is a wonder and from my reading of your blog, you get music from nature as much as those fine human musicians - who were only trying to ape the wonder of the songs in Nature (sorry about the 'Ape' but it really works in this case). We will be singing in church tonight, but won't sound as great as... but will feel just so angelic!

wv ableenes many "Abelenes" a fine CW song

threecollie said...

Earl, I couldn't possibly
tell you all that music has been to me. The first two things I remember from when I was a little bitty kid are the dog we had that ate the kitchen and the tiny suitcase record player my folks got me one Christmas. From that to a band with four or five musicians, none of whom could play their instruments, but a lot of noise was made. Years of practice annoying parents in a number of locations. Then a band that played the high school dances. Next a band that played places like biker bars where the patrons tossed each other off the roof onto the cars in the parking lot and made us play Born to Be Wild all night. Music with family, brothers, songs that belonged to certain people and brought them to mind every time they were played. Porches, garages, camp, outdoors, indoors, amusement parks, high school auditoriums and even occasionally singing in church, although they probably wished I wouldn't. The days when there was much time for that are pretty much behind us, although my brother and I play about once a year together...and then there is the music that props me up when I am doing something that I don't want to do, but have to any how. A crutch, but a fine one with a lifetime of history behind it. My favorite church song is "This is the Feast of Victory for our God" sung at the Lutheran church we sometimes attend on the occasion of communion.

Linda said...

I've never heard that one before. I love my iPod......I not only listen to music but LOTS and LOTS of books;)

Cathy said...

That mockingbird~ How wonderful.

Now. Where's the 40's music on that play list? It was so crappy cold and rainy here today that I cranked it up pretty loud, reached for the adult beverage( after 5 o'clock :-)and had a little twirl around the kitchen.

threecollie said...

Linda, I have put a couple of books on mine and I really enjoy them, but they are pretty expensive. I sure do love the thing and I would never have bought it for myself...won it in a contest. lol

Cathy, oh, that just brings a wonderful picture to my mind! I bop quite often, usually manage to be doing it when one of the kids' friends walks in...oh, well, guess it is okay to be a crazy old lady in their eyes. lol